Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Can you imagine if Snow White with very white complexion and enchanting voice, lives in a modern world? Or lives in our world today? And in vice versa, how would you imagine Snow White's life if she's here?

That was Enchanted is all about. Enchanted  is produced by Walt Disney Pictures. When we see products of Walt Disney, it's common for us to think that it's for kids. Since I liked it, does it mean that I'm still a kid? Hahah. :)) Moving on, Enchanted is a musical movie wherein you will love every songs they incorporate. Basically, Enchanted is all about a Disney cartoon (at first part, and some parts) where in the princess from cartoon goes to human world. She was sent by Narissa, the mother of Prince Edward and the evil queen of Andalasia. They pertain the human world as the place where there's no happily ever after.

When she landed in Manhattan, she notices her difference with the other people. Look at the image below.

From the dazzling gown she wears to how she even reacts on things, Giselle, met Robert, a human. And then Robert showed him how human loves. In Andalasia, you meet, and you fall in love, and live happily ever after. But we all know that in real world, it's not that easy. Robert shows how people like us start. From the dating part where you will basically get to know each other, the courting stage, and so on. In short, Giselle had opened her eyes wide open to the real world. Then she started to doubt on who she really love is, her prince in Andalasia or her Robert in real world. :) Amazing the movie is.


1. True Love's Kiss - This song is so cute because it explains that when lips touched, it's sweet, romantic and heaven. :) Well, true love's kiss is really different, yes lips are the only thing that touch, but there are times that kiss is dead means it's with the wrong person. So I advice for the woman out there, you should only kiss the one you love, the one who loves you, so you'll feel what Giselle feels in this song. :P

2. That's How You Know - Oh this song, it keeps on playing in my mind. When you love someone, you should be doing everything to make her/him feel that. Giselle believes on that. In the movie, Robert is an easy-going, a practical man, so he thinks a letter is "baduy", and so on. But heart never sees anything ugly when it comes to his desire because it works in the movie. Some things are corny but the reality is it's what will the heart will enjoy. :)

3. So Close - SUPER SWEEEEEET! :) I am so inlove with this song, how I wish this song is to be used in a sweet dance with my love. In this song, Giselle and Robert dances in a ball. By that very moment, Giselle realizes that Robert is her true love.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Walk To Remember

A Walk to Remember  is a movie that we cannot do anything else but to love and remember. :') The story is simple but will surely touch the hearts of everyone. I remember this movie was released in year 2002. It was 10 years ago, yet, we all remember Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter's love story.

Here's a simple plot of the movie. Landon Carter (Shane West) is popular and heartthrob in their school. He is rich and known because of his looks and popularity while Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore) is an ordinary girl whose father is a reverend or a church minister in their place. She is definitely not one of the crowd. She's remarked by her clothes, especially her sweater, and to her being open that she's very faithful to God, since she's been seen in the movie always have a bible with her.

Till one day, Landon is facing expulsion because of a prank-thingy with his fellow schoolmate. He's punishments include participation in school activities, and one of it is the drama club where in Jamie is the lead role in the show. Landon finds
it difficult in his lines, and this is the moment where Jamie and Landon spends time together because he needs Jamie's help. Jamie agrees but with one condition, to not fall inlove with her. And Landon was like, "You hope for that." face. :)) And there, Landon falls for Jamie. And they become together. That's their love story.

Then one night, Jamie confesses that she has leukemia, and she stopped responding to medications. Landon spends his everyday with Jamie while her cancer is getting worse. :( Landon fulfills all Jamie's dreams which are:

a. Get a tattoo
         This is wonderful because the background song is Mandy Moore's hit, "It's gonna be love"

b. Be in 2 places at once  Landon is great here because he made this wish an easy one, though at first he said that this is impossible. In love, everything is. Eh?

c. Be friend with someone she doesn't like
          This is Jamie's # 42 in her to-do list. :) This is the first time they got okay.

d. To build a new telescope to see a comet
          We can see Landon's transformation here. Imagine a guy like him built this? Love is awesome!

e. To marry in the church where her parents got married
          Jamie believes that God gave her Landon, sent her, because he's her angel.And finally, Landon asked Jamie to get married in the place where her parents got married.

f. To witness a miracle
          Landon and Jamie had their perfect summer together. Until that sad day came, Jamie died. :(( Then at last part, Landon goes back at Jamie's house, and he is now pursuing his college. In Jamie's memory, he knows he can possibly do things. He told to Jamie's dad that he did all Jamie's wish except -- "To witness a miracle." And Jamie's dad said he did. And it was Landon. :'( Kasi nga naman, nagbago si Landon dahil ke Jamie. Nagkaron ng path yun buhay nya. He said at the end that, Jamie saves his life. :)


"Love is like a wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it. "
(You may watch this part uploaded by  here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9GjmzwIFaI)

"Without suffering, there would be no compassion."
(You may watch this part uploaded by  here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b7Vzdb-p0w)

"Love is patient, love is kind. 
Love is not jealous, it does not brag, and it is not proud. 
Love is not rude, is not selfish, and does not become angry easily. Love does not remember wrongs done against it.
 Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with truth. 
Love bears all things, believes all things,
 hopes all things, endures all things, Love never fails."
(You may watch this part uploaded by  here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QENj0UOb4Hk)

Friday, October 26, 2012


Click is one of the movies that made my tears fell. This movie really teaches the watchers lessons. Like Adam Sandler in the movie, some decisions can have harmful consequences. 

I remember that time that my brothers pleased me to watch that movie while I'm so not interested about it. I didn't expect that I will cry after. At first, I thought it's just a fantasy and non-fiction movie, I didn't expect that it would be that strong. Grabe e, napaiyak ako talaga.


1. Life does not stop, we know that. We can never rewind, pause, slow-motion, or fast-forward. That's why there been a saying Live your life to the fullest. We are not sure of tomorrows. That's why I learned that we should make the most of every moment of our everyday. What we should do is to literally live every single moment of our life in our best effort to be with the people we love. We should always express our appreciation to those who does good things to us. What we have now,  can be lose or own by someone else tomorrow. :( Naku, nakakalungkot 'yun. Kaya kung anu 'yun magagawa mo na ngayon, gawin mo na. Wag na paabutin sa point na you're gonna say to yourself, "I should've...", "I must've...", "If only I could...", etc. 
Quit hanging on the handrails. Let go! Surrender! Go for the ride of your life. Do it everyday. -Melody Beattie

2. Family, for me, is the most important factor in achieving personal happiness. Being close with your Mama, Papa, brothers and sisters are the best things in life. You should know what's really important.  You can always change kung sino gusto mo maging kaibigan. But your family will always be there. They are the ones who'll always be there all the time, whether you feel like you're the richest person or poorest one, the happiest or the saddest. They will never leave you and they're always there to get you through the tough times. The best things in life are free, one soundtrack in the movie which is really true. Simply by being with your family defines happiness. :)
Family is not an important thing, it's everything.-Michael Fox

3. At the end of the day, it's just cornflakes -- This line is quote been used by Morty, which he said that it's from a cereal advertisement with a leprechaun chasing after a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Then malalaman nya, pagdating nya sa dulo, cornflakes lang pala yun. He's right. You can't just get success and happiness in just one snap of your finger. And, di pwedeng i-fastforward mo lang 'yun oras then sa dulo, nasa'yu na 'yun success na gusto mo. You think, you'll be happy in that way? For example... Hmm, our parents always remind us, their children, that they should study hard so that they can buy whatever we want, so that we will have a better life, so that we will be rich. But what are we feeling? People always want a shortcut, a thing that is easy. But come to think of it, are you happy that way? Guys, you will never be happy or achieve success if you get things in life simple and easy. That's why for me, you have to feel problems, sufferings, sadness, because that's the essence of chasing success.  One thing to think of, how can you feel success if you're already at the point of your life that you are rich already? Masarap makuha ang lahat ng bagay na pinaghirapan mo. 
It is not the years in your life, but the life in your years that counts.
-Adlai Stevenson

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Who's loser who'd say that he/she hasn't watched Titanic? Oh c'mon, if ever there'll be, here's my 3 words for you, shame on you! Hahahah!!! Well, I'm rude like this kase naman this movie defines a legend! A true-to-life story that touches our hearts.

For some, they will simply say, "Oh Titanic, the story where in the end, the ship sinks?" You're sorely wrong. C'mon! It's not like that. Every part of the movie is really heart-touching. So it's hard for me to choose what are my favorite scenes. :) 

The moment when Jack won his ticket in Poker, when Jack says he's the king of the world, when Jack teaches Rose how to spit like a man, when Jack paints her portrait wearing the heart of the ocean, when they escape from Cal's spy, when they did "it" inside the car (heheh!), when Jack let Rose lie on the floating door,  when Rose said that her name is "Rose Dawson", when Rose continues to live happily as what Jack told her so. All the scenes, lasts forever.

It's really hard to choose which is the best scene. I would say that I love every part, I love every scene. :) No wonder why this movie earn a million.


1. When Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio) stopped Rose (Kate Winslet) from jumping to the sea.  This is very memorable since this is where they first met.

In every love story, people always ask, "How did you guys met each other?" Because on deep thought, there are millions and billions of people out there, yet you'll still meet. I believe that love really comes to you in perfect time, in perfect place. :) For some who met their love of their life, lucky you guys. Keep it, hold on for it, fight for it. If you lose them, you'll never find them again. For some who haven't find it yet, but still searching, chill down. Patient is the one thing you need. Love comes to those who wait, remember that.
Moving on, Rose even said that when the ship is about to sink. This scene is really touching because after all the miseries in doing everything just to survive in the ship, Rose still manage to drop words like this: "Jack, this is where we first met". Kaya kinilig talaga ako nun niyakap sya agad ni Jack e. See image at the left.

2. When Jack asked Rose to dance with him in a third class party. :) I like this scene because this is where Rose gets out of her cage. We all know that she's a rich girl and doesn't know things like this. In this scene, we saw that Rose can be an ordinary girl too. And in this party, she felt true happiness. She doesn't need to be aware of how she looks or how she dresses. In this scene, she's been laughing all the time, all she did was to be true to herself. Rose knows and feels at that point that she is truly happy with Jack.

You don't need to be rich to be happy. It's not material things that will make you happy. Money cannot buy happiness. Happiness can be achieve, even just being with your love one. :)

3. When Rose jumps on the life boat and get back of the ship. :) I like this scene because this proves true love. The thought of Rose had a chance of being saved, and still chose to jump back to be with the person she loves is awesome. And it's happy to know that they know when they'll meet after Rose jumps, their place, at the clock. "You jump, I jump.", Jack said this in my first favorite scene. And Rose said this too in this scene, saying, "You jump, I jump, right?" 
At times, you and your love will feel down and struggles. This scene proves that you must not leave your love even at the lowest point of your life. Instead, you must keep on holding on, fighting on, because in that way, your love will grow strong. Love will continue, forever.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She's Out Of My League

Since this is my first blog, my all-time favorite movie is top in my list. :) So, how will I start this.. 

I can still remember the time that I first watched this, I got nothing to do, so I forced myself to watch movie, so that I got something to do na, hahah! :)) Didn't expect that it would be that great. 


1. This is in first scene. I like this 'coz we can see how open these friends are. How Stainer cooly says it Kirk. Hahah, imbis daw na kainin yun cake, susuntukin na lang daw e.

Kirk: I got it for Valentine's Day, right before she broke up with me. Stainer, I know you don't like her very much. 

Stainer: No, no, I hate her. In fact, the day that you broke up with her, I marked that down in my calendar as a day of rejoicement. I'm gonna celebrate it with a cake with her face on it, but instead of eating it, I'm gonna smash it. Okay? You can do a lot better. You deserve a lot better, Kirky. 

2. When you're beautiful/handsome, it doesn't mean that you must end up with a beautiful/handsome too. C'mon. Physical appearance is NOT the whole thing. Aanhin mo ang maganda/gwapo, kung sasaktan ka lang at lolokohin? :)

Kirk: "Anything is possible"? 
Devon: Come on! Like there's a million examples of guys like Kirky ending up with a beautiful woman. 
Stainer: Such as? 
Devon: Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts. 
Jack: Right. Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear. Then he went on to Denise Richards. 
Stainer: All recording artists. Normal rules don't apply to those guys. Kirk, as soon as you record an album and it goes platinum, you can push your meat into any human being you want. 
Jack: Okay, okay, okay. King Kong and Naomi Watts. 
Stainer: They never consummated. Totally platonic relationship. 
Jack: Stephen Hawking and his lady nurse. 
Stainer: He's the master of space and time. He knows about black holes and shit. 
Devon:  What about the President of France and that girl that went out with Mick Jagger. 
Stainer: He knows about wine. And he has a french accent. He could probably French kiss like a motherfucker. 
Devon:  Wait a second... The Beast. 
Stainer: Who? 
Devon:  The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Beast won Beauty's love and he wasn't rich or a recording artist. Though, he did have an amazing voice. 
Stainer: Okay, Devon, that's a cartoon. But yes, that's one. One out of a million. 
Devon:  You know what, Stainer? All it takes is one. Man, you... You guys sit here and talk about relationships but the truth is, I'm the only one here that's married. Yeah, and I'm tired of you guys busting my nuggets cause I've only been with one girl. It's cause she was the right girl! That's why I married her! So, Kirky, let me tell you something, if Molly is the right girl, that's all that matters. You just, you stand up. You stand up. You get in front of her. You get right in her grill and you say, "Hey, I am Kirk Kettner, and I am right here, standing in front of you... Right here. Here I am." Something like that. 

3. I like this because I see Kirk's heart, he's so humble. Pero laughtrip naman yun reply ni Stainer eee. Bitch daw si Patty, 'yung iba daw hindi? Hahah, he's really not into Patty, huh? 

Stainer: Kirk that Molly girl is insanely hot. 
Kirk: Yeah I know. 
Stainer: So you know whats happening? She is setting you up with the bitchy friend. Which will be perfect for you because you like bitches. 
Kirk: That's fine Patty is not a bitch. She's... uh... just different. 
Stainer: Yeah different in that she is a bitch and other people aren't.