Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She's Out Of My League

Since this is my first blog, my all-time favorite movie is top in my list. :) So, how will I start this.. 

I can still remember the time that I first watched this, I got nothing to do, so I forced myself to watch movie, so that I got something to do na, hahah! :)) Didn't expect that it would be that great. 


1. This is in first scene. I like this 'coz we can see how open these friends are. How Stainer cooly says it Kirk. Hahah, imbis daw na kainin yun cake, susuntukin na lang daw e.

Kirk: I got it for Valentine's Day, right before she broke up with me. Stainer, I know you don't like her very much. 

Stainer: No, no, I hate her. In fact, the day that you broke up with her, I marked that down in my calendar as a day of rejoicement. I'm gonna celebrate it with a cake with her face on it, but instead of eating it, I'm gonna smash it. Okay? You can do a lot better. You deserve a lot better, Kirky. 

2. When you're beautiful/handsome, it doesn't mean that you must end up with a beautiful/handsome too. C'mon. Physical appearance is NOT the whole thing. Aanhin mo ang maganda/gwapo, kung sasaktan ka lang at lolokohin? :)

Kirk: "Anything is possible"? 
Devon: Come on! Like there's a million examples of guys like Kirky ending up with a beautiful woman. 
Stainer: Such as? 
Devon: Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts. 
Jack: Right. Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear. Then he went on to Denise Richards. 
Stainer: All recording artists. Normal rules don't apply to those guys. Kirk, as soon as you record an album and it goes platinum, you can push your meat into any human being you want. 
Jack: Okay, okay, okay. King Kong and Naomi Watts. 
Stainer: They never consummated. Totally platonic relationship. 
Jack: Stephen Hawking and his lady nurse. 
Stainer: He's the master of space and time. He knows about black holes and shit. 
Devon:  What about the President of France and that girl that went out with Mick Jagger. 
Stainer: He knows about wine. And he has a french accent. He could probably French kiss like a motherfucker. 
Devon:  Wait a second... The Beast. 
Stainer: Who? 
Devon:  The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Beast won Beauty's love and he wasn't rich or a recording artist. Though, he did have an amazing voice. 
Stainer: Okay, Devon, that's a cartoon. But yes, that's one. One out of a million. 
Devon:  You know what, Stainer? All it takes is one. Man, you... You guys sit here and talk about relationships but the truth is, I'm the only one here that's married. Yeah, and I'm tired of you guys busting my nuggets cause I've only been with one girl. It's cause she was the right girl! That's why I married her! So, Kirky, let me tell you something, if Molly is the right girl, that's all that matters. You just, you stand up. You stand up. You get in front of her. You get right in her grill and you say, "Hey, I am Kirk Kettner, and I am right here, standing in front of you... Right here. Here I am." Something like that. 

3. I like this because I see Kirk's heart, he's so humble. Pero laughtrip naman yun reply ni Stainer eee. Bitch daw si Patty, 'yung iba daw hindi? Hahah, he's really not into Patty, huh? 

Stainer: Kirk that Molly girl is insanely hot. 
Kirk: Yeah I know. 
Stainer: So you know whats happening? She is setting you up with the bitchy friend. Which will be perfect for you because you like bitches. 
Kirk: That's fine Patty is not a bitch. She's... uh... just different. 
Stainer: Yeah different in that she is a bitch and other people aren't. 


  1. HAHAHA!! sarap basahin ah.. naalala ko ung mga lines nila :)) da best si stainer e XD

  2. You're a 10 and i'am a hard 5!! (if i remember that correctly..) but i do agree, numbers don't count.. and it really is not about being beautiful or handsome.. it's all about having a "Heart".. Cheers to this movie!! ^_^