Thursday, October 25, 2012


Who's loser who'd say that he/she hasn't watched Titanic? Oh c'mon, if ever there'll be, here's my 3 words for you, shame on you! Hahahah!!! Well, I'm rude like this kase naman this movie defines a legend! A true-to-life story that touches our hearts.

For some, they will simply say, "Oh Titanic, the story where in the end, the ship sinks?" You're sorely wrong. C'mon! It's not like that. Every part of the movie is really heart-touching. So it's hard for me to choose what are my favorite scenes. :) 

The moment when Jack won his ticket in Poker, when Jack says he's the king of the world, when Jack teaches Rose how to spit like a man, when Jack paints her portrait wearing the heart of the ocean, when they escape from Cal's spy, when they did "it" inside the car (heheh!), when Jack let Rose lie on the floating door,  when Rose said that her name is "Rose Dawson", when Rose continues to live happily as what Jack told her so. All the scenes, lasts forever.

It's really hard to choose which is the best scene. I would say that I love every part, I love every scene. :) No wonder why this movie earn a million.


1. When Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio) stopped Rose (Kate Winslet) from jumping to the sea.  This is very memorable since this is where they first met.

In every love story, people always ask, "How did you guys met each other?" Because on deep thought, there are millions and billions of people out there, yet you'll still meet. I believe that love really comes to you in perfect time, in perfect place. :) For some who met their love of their life, lucky you guys. Keep it, hold on for it, fight for it. If you lose them, you'll never find them again. For some who haven't find it yet, but still searching, chill down. Patient is the one thing you need. Love comes to those who wait, remember that.
Moving on, Rose even said that when the ship is about to sink. This scene is really touching because after all the miseries in doing everything just to survive in the ship, Rose still manage to drop words like this: "Jack, this is where we first met". Kaya kinilig talaga ako nun niyakap sya agad ni Jack e. See image at the left.

2. When Jack asked Rose to dance with him in a third class party. :) I like this scene because this is where Rose gets out of her cage. We all know that she's a rich girl and doesn't know things like this. In this scene, we saw that Rose can be an ordinary girl too. And in this party, she felt true happiness. She doesn't need to be aware of how she looks or how she dresses. In this scene, she's been laughing all the time, all she did was to be true to herself. Rose knows and feels at that point that she is truly happy with Jack.

You don't need to be rich to be happy. It's not material things that will make you happy. Money cannot buy happiness. Happiness can be achieve, even just being with your love one. :)

3. When Rose jumps on the life boat and get back of the ship. :) I like this scene because this proves true love. The thought of Rose had a chance of being saved, and still chose to jump back to be with the person she loves is awesome. And it's happy to know that they know when they'll meet after Rose jumps, their place, at the clock. "You jump, I jump.", Jack said this in my first favorite scene. And Rose said this too in this scene, saying, "You jump, I jump, right?" 
At times, you and your love will feel down and struggles. This scene proves that you must not leave your love even at the lowest point of your life. Instead, you must keep on holding on, fighting on, because in that way, your love will grow strong. Love will continue, forever.


  1. "Kaya kinilig talaga ako nun niyakap sya agad ni Jack e" Haha!

    Great review~ Keep it up!

  2. dahil sa blog na ito parang gusto ko panuorin ulit ung titanic ah haha.. tagal ko nang napanuod to hindi ko masyadong maalala ung ibang scene :/

  3. Naalala ko tuloy yung issue/debate about dun sa a piece of plywood na sinasakyan ni Rose para maka-survive. Well, it depends kasi sa bigat ng tao yun kung sasakay pa si Jack edi parehas silang deds edi wala dapat storya ng Titanic ngayon kung di nabuhay si Rose. LOL. Siguro naman sinubukan din ni Jack sumakay pero di nalang nilagay ng Director yung part na yun kasi iniisip niya para mas "romantic". Parang okay lang mamatay maka-survive lang mahal mo. Anyways, nice blog. :D

  4. I never had the chance to watch it sa big screen nung unang lumabas to.. kaya nga pinanood ko to nung lumabas ulit sa 3D recently. Epic Movie.. =p