Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Can you imagine if Snow White with very white complexion and enchanting voice, lives in a modern world? Or lives in our world today? And in vice versa, how would you imagine Snow White's life if she's here?

That was Enchanted is all about. Enchanted  is produced by Walt Disney Pictures. When we see products of Walt Disney, it's common for us to think that it's for kids. Since I liked it, does it mean that I'm still a kid? Hahah. :)) Moving on, Enchanted is a musical movie wherein you will love every songs they incorporate. Basically, Enchanted is all about a Disney cartoon (at first part, and some parts) where in the princess from cartoon goes to human world. She was sent by Narissa, the mother of Prince Edward and the evil queen of Andalasia. They pertain the human world as the place where there's no happily ever after.

When she landed in Manhattan, she notices her difference with the other people. Look at the image below.

From the dazzling gown she wears to how she even reacts on things, Giselle, met Robert, a human. And then Robert showed him how human loves. In Andalasia, you meet, and you fall in love, and live happily ever after. But we all know that in real world, it's not that easy. Robert shows how people like us start. From the dating part where you will basically get to know each other, the courting stage, and so on. In short, Giselle had opened her eyes wide open to the real world. Then she started to doubt on who she really love is, her prince in Andalasia or her Robert in real world. :) Amazing the movie is.


1. True Love's Kiss - This song is so cute because it explains that when lips touched, it's sweet, romantic and heaven. :) Well, true love's kiss is really different, yes lips are the only thing that touch, but there are times that kiss is dead means it's with the wrong person. So I advice for the woman out there, you should only kiss the one you love, the one who loves you, so you'll feel what Giselle feels in this song. :P

2. That's How You Know - Oh this song, it keeps on playing in my mind. When you love someone, you should be doing everything to make her/him feel that. Giselle believes on that. In the movie, Robert is an easy-going, a practical man, so he thinks a letter is "baduy", and so on. But heart never sees anything ugly when it comes to his desire because it works in the movie. Some things are corny but the reality is it's what will the heart will enjoy. :)

3. So Close - SUPER SWEEEEEET! :) I am so inlove with this song, how I wish this song is to be used in a sweet dance with my love. In this song, Giselle and Robert dances in a ball. By that very moment, Giselle realizes that Robert is her true love.